First Hair Cut

Eleni’s hair has been in her eyes since about November of last year.  I've been bugging Tyler to cut her bangs since then and he always said she didn’t need it yet.  Well, finally one night after her hair had dried form her bath Tyler couldn’t take it anymore.


This is how Eleni’s hair would always be after a bath.  She would constantly walk around like this, like there was nothing wrong.  If we wanted Eleni to see the world without a veil of hair in front of her we would have to put it up.  If you wanted to put her hair up you were in danger of starting WWIII.  So, Tyler asked me for a pair of scissors and voila!



It’s great now because all we have to do is brush her hair (not WWIII but still a battle) in the morning and be done with it.  Tyler now agrees that we should have done this MONTHS ago.

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