4th of July!


We had a great Independence day here in Boise!  We spent the day at my sister’s house where they had enough food to feed an army.  Kalua pork, Fo’ou’s famous chicken, baked beans, macaroni salad, watermelon, rice crispy treats, cookies, I’m sure there was more. 

Eleni was looking patriotic thanks to Tyler’s grandparents.100_4403 Who needs a pool when you have a 40 gallon tub in the driveway.  Looking at this picture makes me think we should have either taken her diaper off or put a swim diaper on her instead.

IMG_7374 Eleni did much better than I thought she would with the fire works.  She loved looking at them and and only showed some apprehension to the loud whistling and crackly ones.  After showing her how much fun a 3 foot sparkler can bee she decided she could hold it on her own. IMG_7405100_4423

Next year we work on fire safety.  Here she is coming straight at me to show me her sparkler


Here are a few videos of her with the fireworks and having some fun of her own.

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