This year was a fun Easter.  We went over to my sister Beth’s house for dinner and an egg hunt.  Eleni is just old enough to understand what to do with the egg hunt, and difficult to get a decent picture of.

First we had a completely non-traditional but just as good and much easier dinner of pulled pork sandwiches.  After we were done with that, Beth and I took her three kids and Eleni for a walk so the Easter Bunny could come over and do what he does best.

Eleni saw this ball and had to take it along on our walk.  She stayed in the wagon for about three minutes and had to walk for the other 27ish minutes.  In the next neighborhood there are a few horses so we decided to go and see them.  I don’t have any pictures of it, but once Eleni saw the horse all she wanted to do was go and see it.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get it to come to us.


As we were walking I saw this house with these red tulips and thought they would be a good background for a nice picture of her in her dress.  As you can see she didn’t quite cooperate and this is the best I got.  This other picture is another attempt.


When we got back, we were told that the Easter Bunny had hidden the eggs in three different difficulty levels.  Hard for the two big kids, Ilai and Eden, a little easier for the middle kid, Anela, and obvious for Eleni.  There were 105 eggs to find and it was a free for all to find them.

100_4209 100_4211 100_4213

Eleni did better than I thought and we had to re-hide her eggs so she could keep hunting.

100_4227 100_4229 100_4231 100_4232

Over all we had a great day and only wish we could spend it with our whole family.

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Faye said...

A great hunt was had by all!! She certainly did get the hang of it, and quickly, too! No color coding?? I guess the Idahite Easter Bunny has a different system. Missed having her here and hunting with Lilly. They would have had fun together!