Happy Birthday Papa!

I was able to go to Salt Lake City for the weekend with my mom and my aunt to see my grandpa for his 85th birthday.  It was a quick three day visit but it was really fun.  The last time I had seen him was when he went to California for his 80th.  Papa loves all nine of his grandchildren and all 14 of his great-grandchildren.  He tried so hard to hold Eleni all weekend but as you will see in one of the pictures she wanted nothing to do with him.  She did let him touch her hand on Sunday so I think if we would have had more time with him she would have warmed up.  I am so grateful for the chance I had to see him and wish I could see him more.

Papa's marbles

Papa’s marble game.  The object of the game is to remove all but one of the marbles.  He’s an expert at it and is able to do it almost every time.

So Sweet

This is at Chuck-A-Rama on Friday.  One of the best buffet chains I’ve ever been to.

Help Me!

Here we are at our four generation photo shoot.  I wanted one picture of the two of them together no matter what Eleni thought.


Lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe.  Aunt Janet is demonstrating a happy face while Eleni is still working on a sad face.


The California people wanted pictures with the snow.

 What's That?

4 Generations

Here we are, four generations.


Anonymous said...

Kelley! How awesome of you to post so quickly! I am also glad you explained about my unusually happy face. hahaha! I had a great time with all-a-y'all and am so so glad that we could spend the weekend together.
auntie jan

austen_dark_man said...

What a great trip that was. Thank you so much for making the effort to come. It was also fun not having to share Eleni with everyone. Outstanding trip!

Faye said...

WAIT!! That was me. Gramma. Mom. Faye. Austen just told me about being logged onto Google. You can log onto Google? Who knew. Anyway, like I said, Great Trip!