Can’t believe it’s almost been two months!!   Since the last post our computer crashed and I lost a lot of pictures so I lost my motivation to blog.  But now it’s back, and here are some pictures of our Christmas festivities.

trimming the tree

Eleni saw us putting the lights on the tree and decided to help with one that had died.

your a mean one...

Here she is enjoying a Christmas classic after dinner.  She isn’t normally nekkid, I think we had pasta that night.

i don't know why she is holding a spoon.

Her Christmas pretties.

Boo Hoo!

She wasn’t too happy about meeting Santa.

Mmmmmmmmm, lasagna on Christmas Eve.

i made them

Milk and cookies, check.  stockings hung by the entertainment center with care, check.

Eleni made out like a bandit.  I think three or four of those are for Tyler and me.

giddy up

we are a happy family.

We went to my sister’s house Christmas night and I completely forgot to take pictures except for the group picture.  So here is the Boise half of my family.

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Faye said...

That lasagne looks downright good! And yes, Eleni certainly did get her share, didn't she? As much fun as this Christmas was, they will only get better. Enjoy!!